I am looking for a parking space

Say goodbye to the time when driving in circles for hours around blocks to find a parking space was part of your daily routine… Say goodbye to fines stuck to your windshield because of 5 minutes overrun or unauthorized parking… Say goodbye to cold sweat, fears, stress and above all parking spaces with overrated prices for one hour stay!

Elisa lives in the country side and often goes downtown. Each time, she must anticipate 30 minutes more to find a free parking space for her arrival. From her smartphone, at home, she can now choose one in less than 5 minutes, make the payment online on Park-King and go away with peace of mind. Anxiety daemon of parking spaces that cannot be found, you will not fool Elisa !

Jules is a busy person who has neither the money, nor time to spend one hour to par this car in parkings that cost as much as his house, that is the reason why he became a specialist of unauthorized spaces : fines are pile up at home, and he is about to lose his driving license. But that was before he used Park-King. Park sharing is much cheaper than public parkings.

What?! The parking space I booked is already occupied / not reachable? I draw my smartphone, open Park-King website, report the misuse and alert the owner. If the space is still occupied by the previous renter, he will immediately receive a texto asking him to leave the space. If the space is occupied by somebody else, he had better be careful because the pound is not far away! So, who is the King?

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I want to rent my parking space to increase my income

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