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How to easily earn a little extra each month? How to put butter on your bread, have a jacuzzi in addition to the swimming pool, or be upgraded in one’s travels? If you have a parking space that you barely use or do not use at all, we might have the solution for you…

You have a parking space and you use it only at night? When you go on holidays or leave for an hour, it is empty? How about taking the most of this space when it is empty? Park-King is a community platform that links up people or companies owning partially occupied parking spaces and people seeking to rent spaces, punctually or on long periods of time.

Whether your space has a restricted access (code, bip, badge, etc.) or not, you just have to register for free on our website and provide your availabilities to have a regular addtionnal income and see your dreams come true. Thanks to the online booking, no more effort to make, users can rent your space directly on Park-King.

We offer two options :

With subscription : renter and owner get directly in touch with each other, the contact information from the owner being published in the offer and viewable by the users registered on Park-King. Several subscription rates are available here.

Without subscription : you receive a booking request that you can accept or reject. In the meantime, you can discuss anonymously with the renter through our internal messaging system to agree on the reservation terms. Once the booking request accepted, the renter can pay the parking space on Park-King and the contact information of each other is automatically shared. It is also possible to allow instant booking for parking spaces with free access (no key/badge/bip), i.e without any preliminary booking request. Publishing offers without subscription is free, but a commission of 20% is deducted on the transaction by Park-King.

Expanding one’s house, buy a new car, go more often on a weekend: all of that and even more will soon be the reality and no more a dream. So what are you waiting for to join us?

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