Save money by renting a private parking space

Say goodbye to the time when driving in circles for hours around blocks to find a parking space was part of your daily routine… Say goodbye to fines stuck to your windshield because of 5 minutes overrun or unauthorized parking… Say goodbye to cold sweat, fears, stress and above all parking spaces with overrated prices for one hour stay!

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I find my spot in 2 clicks

Park-King links up people or companies owning parking spaces and people looking for spaces. The system is so easy to use that you can find your spot in two clicks.

The registration is free

Register for free on our website and watch the offers. In less than one minute you will find a parking space near the place you need to go to.

Savings and sustainable development 2

An economical solution

Knowing that a private parking space is on average from 30% to 70% cheaper than a commercial one, Park-King enables you to reduce significantly not only your budget dedicated to parking meters, but also the budget dedicated to fines, and in extreme situations, impound.

A commitment to the planet

In some big cities districts, 30% of the traffic is due to drivers looking for parking spaces. Engines and minds get hot, which makes the air unbreathable. With Park-King, greenhouse and pollutant gases emission is drastically reduced.

Stress is over 3

Park-King takes care of everything

Park-King facilitates formalities and makes the interface between owners and renters. Once a spot found, you can contact directly the owner through our internal messaging system. Our secured platform helps you carry out the payment, it is very easy! With Park-King say goodbye to bad surprises.

Life years saved (or white hair in less)

No more loss of time with parking spaces search, no parking meters to feed anymore, no more fear to find one’s car covered with fines… Thanks to Park-King, you are nearby the place you must go to, much more relaxed than before.

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