Rent out your parking space and make money !

Whether you partially use your parking space during the day or are away for several days, whether you are a company or a hotel owning parking spaces partially occupied by your employees or customers, offer your parking spaces to other users!

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Start by creating your offer. This is like your parking space profile.

Park-King is for everybody

For individuals / companies / hotels that have one or several parking spaces barely or not used, with free or restricted access (code, bip, badge, etc). Park-King is the community platform that links up people or companies owning parking spaces and those who are looking for spaces.

The registration is free

Register for free on our website and choose one of our two options. Publish your offer after indicating the dates and time periods that suit you, as well as the address and the rate you wish. It is really easy, you just have to click!

Park-King is your intermediary

Reservations can be made online, users will rent out your parking space via Park-King. Depending on the option chosen, the payment is done through our website or directly between the owner and the renter. You can choose the transaction and payment mode, Park-King is there to assist you.

Users find your space, book it and Park-king takes care of everything 2

Online booking

When your space has been chosen by a user, you will receive immediately a booking request along with a message from the user. It is then up to you to accept or refuse the request. In the meantime, you can discuss anonymously with the user about the reservation methods on our internal messaging system. It is also possible for parking spaces with free access to allow the instant booking. Once the reservation paid, both counterparties will receive the contact information from one another for further organization purpose.

Park-King takes care of everything

With our abuse management system, problems or bad behaviors can be reported and the users that do not respect the website’s terms and conditions are then filtered. Several situations are managed : overrun of the rental duration, illegal occupation of parking spaces, impossibility to pick up the badge/key/bip, publication of wrong information, etc. After 3 bad evaluations, a member can be excluded from the website. Park-King makes the interface between owners and renters and facilitates formalities. With Park-King say goodbye to bad surprises!

Our different options 3

With subscription

Renter and owner get directly in touch with each other, the contact information from the owner being published in the offer and viewable by the users registered on Park-King.

Without subscription

You receive a booking request, once accepted, the renter pays via Park-King. Publishing offers without subscription is free, but a commission of 20% is deducted on the transaction by Park-King.

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